this ain’t a movie

and im not your baby

there’s no happy ending

we gotta stop pretending

fate keeps us apart

every time i think we start

to fall in place, we lose the race

cause this isn’t a perfect place

this ain’t a movie

and im not your lover

we can’t be with each other

lest at the anger of another

this ain’t a movie

and im not your co-star

we’re so close, yet so far

stuck in a universe that’s not ours

your hand on my thigh

when I think bout you, I wanna cry

said you was my ride or die

but maybe it was all a lie

& maybe

you were never mine.

cause this ain’t a movie

the scene ends at some point

our souls will always be tied

but we’re separated by opposite sides.

this ain’t a film scene

the soundtrack ain’t serene

we can’t keep up this acting

it’s about to fade to the end screen

maybe our love is really a movie

one of those that makes you cry

cause the girl doesn’t end up with the guy

a love story built upon a lie

It could never truly end up right…