Would You Rather?

things are different now and that's okay

I guess, we both moved on and ran out of things to say

Yeah we silently walk past each other

like we dont know each other,

like i dont love you like my brother

like i never thought about having your children

and being a mother.

yeah, things are different now and that's okay

guess you moved on, bigger things a brighter day

you finished our book and moved on

opened a new page

I thought i was part of your story

but now were just history

& thats okay

but when i walk past

cant you look at me?

cause even though things were not meant to be

you're still someone i want to be

part of my story

not just a chapter

and i’m not talking happily forever after

i’m just talking

dont ignore me

or would you rather?

rather pretend that i dont know about your past

rather pretend that you dont know how i get attached

Yeah ill pretdnd i didnt call you on my worst nights

I can pretend i didnt cry after our fights

Yeah ill act like i didnt sit up on the balcony

tripping over if there would still be a you and me

Feeling so vulnerable inside your eyes

Calling you when my parents would fight

Telling you that you were my best friend

Knowing damn well i can't open up to men

Yeah ill pretend that you weren't the only exception

I'll keep this shit quiet, no, no, i won't mention.

The letter that you wrote me on on my birthday

The fact i let you in even on my worst day.

Everything i told you bout who i wanna be

The goals we shared, the ones for you and me.