Hide Me

Hide me

You was always tryna

Hide me

Hidden receipts & deleted texts

But you so loyal, nah you’d always flex

But what is loyalty, if all you do is say it but don’t mean it

Attention, that's a disease, & boy you feign it

I'm just embarrassed

I let you drag me through the mud

and like a fool

I thought love was what this was

This ain’t pre-school

It’s show not tell

But you so charming

Put women under a spell

“Baby, won't you come out of your shell?”

Make girls comfortable, then leave 'em

Damn, that’s so foul

But you don't care

Loneliness you fear

If it benefits u,

Then its ‘fair’

You the type, under pressure, boy you crack

You the type, integrity, it’s what you lack

You the type, you break my heart, & move on to the next

Said you the type, collect broken hearts, it’s something you flex.

I don't wanna be in your presence

Found my worth, & I know my light

I'm the present

I don't wanna be around you, you a fool

Stay collecting b*tches, & you think it’s so cool

Checked my DMs, why you all up on my page?

Text yo girl, I wonder if y’all on the same page…

Say you ambitious but baby, you just a lame

You got a business? is it racking up your body count with tons of females names?

& You so mad that I aired you out

But your girl checks your phone

Did you think that she had no doubt?

If this a phase

Let your mama know

Cuz this sh*ts dead

Don’t you know, you’re grown?